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The XTOB overload relays by Eaton provide a consistent, reliable and economical solution to your motor-protection needs. All XTOB relays are directly mounted to the XTCE contactors, minimizing spacing and installation time. Each overload relay has both a manual and automatic trip and reset button to suit your specific system. Also each XTOB relay is certified as Class 10 protection, which means it will trip within 10 seconds of a locked motor condition, saving you the time and expense of replacing your motor. Adding this Eaton overload relay is essential to provide full circuit protection of your motor. Simply using a contactor will not provide the necessary level of protection that an overload can and will cause severe damage to your motor should a high load situation occur. With phase loss protection and an easy-to-use dial on the front of the XTOB, these overload relays are simple to set and adjust to your specific AMP needs. Also with a built in auxiliary contact for trip indication, you can trigger any other electrical equipment of this overload condition thus saving other failures and damages to your system. Technical Specifications Class 10 overload; trip response from 2 to 10 seconds Ambient compensated, bimetallic overload tripping mechanism Phase failure sensitive to IEC/EN 60947 Manual / Automatic reset button Built-in NO and NC auxiliary contacts

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