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The XTCE line of IEC power control contactors was engineered to provide highly effective control and protection for a variety of loads, including motors, compressors, pumps, resistive, capacitor banks, isolation, and others. The XTCE018C10A contactor also includes IEC ratings for lighting applications as well. XT is used by customers to enhance equipment safety using contactors and auxiliaries with “mirror contact” approval ratings. NEED HELP FINDING THE COIL VOLTAGE? Each contactor comes with a specific coil that matches the control voltage of your application. The most standard voltage in the United States is 120 volt, but others such as 24v, 208v and 240v are common. Always be sure of the coil voltage prior to ordering the contactor as any error will cause the contactor to malfunction and burn out almost immediately. Here is how to determine the coil voltage on this Eaton XTCE contactor: on the front of contactor you will see the voltage in the upper right hand corner just below two screw terminals. You can click here to see a picture of where to look. Please note that the line voltage (480v, 600v, etc) is often confused with the coil voltage. THESE ARE NOT the same. While coil voltages of 480v and 600v do exist, they are extremely rare. Technical Specifications AC and DC controlled contactors in the same compact frame Low power consumption AC and DC coils Built-in NO or NC auxiliary contacts to 32A Plug-in accessories for reduced installation time Coil replacement on Frames C–N (18–820A) Integrated suppressor 7–150A DC operated contactors and 185–2000A AC and DC operated contactors

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