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Product Attribute Attribute Value
Accessories Door coupling rotary handle
Product range Accessories
Standard/Approval UL/CSA, IEC
Construction size NZM1
Description Door coupling rotary handle for operating the switch through a closed control panel door
Function Standard, black/grey
Protection class IP66 UL/CSA Type 4X, Type 12
Locking facility lockable on the handle on the switch using up to 3 padlocks With door interlock Not defeated in the locked OFF position.
Door interlock Door opens only with active rotation beyond the 0 position Can be modified such that it can be defeated from the outside using a screwdriver Complete including rotary drive and coupling parts
Project planning information Complete including rotary drive and coupling parts Extension shaft additionally required. Cannot be combined with mechanical interlock External warning plate/designation label can be clipped on.
For use with NZM1, N(S)1
lockable double

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