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Eaton XTCE Contactor

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Eaton XTCE Contactor

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The XTCE line of IEC power control contactors was engineered to provide highly effective control and protection for a variety of loads, including motors, compressors, pumps, resistive, capacitor banks, isolation, and others. The XTCE025C10 contactor also includes IEC ratings for lighting applications as well. XT is used by customers to enhance equipment safety using contactors and auxiliaries with “mirror contact” approval ratings.
Technical Specifications AC and DC controlled contactors in the same compact frame Low power consumption AC and DC coils Built-in NO or NC auxiliary contacts to 32A Plug-in accessories for reduced installation time Coil replacement on Frames C–N (18–820A) Integrated suppressor 7–150A DC operated contactors and 185–2000A AC and DC operated contactors

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