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The PKZM family features adjustable bi-metal thermal trips and a fixed magnetic trip of 14x rated uninterrupted current. This provides superior protection for standard and high efficiency motors. The PKZM0-T version has a fixed magnetic trip of 20x times rated uninterrupted current, providing optimal protection for today’s popular premium efficiency motors that have higher inrush starting currents. Both versions allow you to adjust the thermal trip range from 0.6 to 1.0 times full load amps. Other standard motorprotection features of the PKZM family include phaseloss and phase imbalance protection, as well as ambient temperature compensation. The PKZM family has a broad range of accessories to expand your control scheme options. All parts are interchangeable, simplifying ordering and reducing inventory. Auxiliary contact modules can be fitted without any tools and provide fail-safe information about each switching state. This also applies to the NHI-E auxiliary contact module that fits within the PKZ without increasing its overall width. Differential trip indicator auxiliaries show you at a glance if the problem was an overload or short-circuit, saving time in troubleshooting and enabling the shortest return to production time. PKZM0 manual starters are being used with increasing frequency for decentralized electrical equipment. For these applications, Moeller offers door coupling rotary handles with door interlocks for use in control cabinet installations. The devices are simple to adapt to various cabinet depths thanks to shaft extensions with centred guides.

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